Rhetorical Analysis On Port Jackson

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Good Morning students and Mr Morrow and thank you for listening today. Port Jackson is all about “Opera, Aussie and Oarsome,” Straight away we have ‘A group of 3’ and ‘Play on Words.’ Group of 3 is a simple piece of persuasive language that is applied because humans like to use patterns and process ideas in patterns. However when the group of 3 is used the technique needs to be kept within reason because a group of 5 or 6+ gets really tedious and uninteresting after a while. Word Play is a literary device that is primarily used for amusement purposes only as it doesn’t have a persuasive effect like modality or rhetorical question. The second key language feature that was used during the making of this brochure was a rhetorical question. The rhetorical question was, “You cannot go to Port Jackson…show more content…
ellipsis. This technique was used in the ‘Activities’ column again and in the ‘History and Culture’ column. This is an effective and valuable technique because it creates tension as the reader is left for a couple seconds wondering what the next statement… will be. Ellipsis can be used at the end of a sentence of course but this would also be quite confusing for the reader. However this does mean that the door is open for a part two of a book of at the end of a script for a movie, this is why this is such an effective technique… The fourth language technique that was used was repetition. This feature was used in the ‘Location column,’ “Port Jackson is located right in the heart of the Sydney, that’s right, in the heart of Sydney.” This technique was used here, 1, because it was at the beginning of a paragraph meaning that this will be the first line the reader reads and 2, the reader will hear it twice so there is a higher chance of the audience/reader remembering that one specific line because in my opinion it is the most important in this
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