Rhetorical Analysis On Thomas Paine

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Peace And Harmony Thomas Paine, a leader of his country would push himself go to war for peace for kids. Including the kids’ parents also pursuit the war to get peace for their children. Thomas Paine portrays in his pamphlet “Crisis No. 1” Paine noticed at first, King George of England was accused that he had been stealing from the innocent citizens of England. Paine was fed up with King George’s excuses, and decided to write and published the pamphlet, mainly to get rid of the king, because he a regular person like everyone else with only a little power. Thomas Paine comes side by side with the persuasive technique of “Logos”, mostly because he explains to the whole town why we want he wants to get rid of the king which seems he had intentions…show more content…
Paine used “Logos” technique to persuade the colonists to help him, support him for peace and freedom. “If there must be trouble, let it be my day, that my child may have peace”(Paine 109). This quote shows that it supports the soldiers were to fight for their children, so they will also be able to experience peace. “Logos” was clearly effective to the quote, mainly because it remains the children to get peace anyway possible. Due to more reasons why it persuades the colonists to give away their peace and freedom. “Show your faith by your works, that God may bless you”.(Paine 110). Shows a separation between faith and peace take place to show sympathy towards the parents to be involved in what to bring peace home to their children. Even the parents want to see their children live the good life with the values and qualities of peace and freedom. Parents are hoping to bring their children to have peace ever through pain and struggling. “ Give me peace” states in the quote, that he doesn't want peace for just himself, but even for the citizens(children). To summarize it all up, Parents are going to war for benefits and also to bring peace and freedom to their children for better benefits. In the aftermath, Thomas Paine’s pamphlet will remain a strong statement to the colonists and to set an example to have peace and
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