Rhetorical Analysis On What We Eat

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1. Tatiana Morales: CBS News November 5, 2005 • Morales reported on an article that appeared in the Parade magazine who has followed the eating, food shopping and diet habit of American in a yearly survey. The survey shows that (84%) a large percentage of American should be on a diet. It is found that many of us lean heavily on convenience food. • The survey report on “What Americans Eat” was aired in the Early Morning Show, and editor Fran Carpentier tells co-anchor Harry Smith of CBS News the message of “we are eating is such a component of a healthy life and even may prevent health problems”. • CBS News report is trying to make people aware of what we are doing to ourselves by not watching what we are eating and should be very concerned.…show more content…
The thing is, when asked if the food that is being served was healthy, 76% said “no” it is not healthy, while only 2% said, the food is healthy. Fifty seven percent of young adults from the ages between 18 to 29 say they eat fast-food on a weekly basis. As a person gets older the percentage at eating at fast-food places drops. The surprising fact about the survey was not that it was the lower income who ate more at these places, but that it was the Hispanic and Blacks that made up the biggest percentage of people who ate at fast-food restaurants, with Hispanics slightly higher than the Blacks. Less than 46% non-Hispanics (whites) dined at fast foods weekly. The American eating habit suggest that the appeal of the product (fast-foods) outweighs the health concerns. • Members from the science advisory council who are experts, Lisa Berkman, Ph. D., expert on social influences on health and aging and Larry A. Braskamp, Ph. D. expert an authority on creating campus-wide strengths-based initiatives who backup the survey found in the Gallup magazine. • The Gallup magazine is a monthly magazine the prints out health articles to keep the public informed on surveys on health issues to keep the public informed. • This monthly magazine also supports the findings of how the American diet have affected us and keeping us informed on the eating and health issues that America is facing. • The articles in the Gallup magazine also bring up the subject of how should change our eating
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