Rhetorical Analysis Persepolis

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Tim LaRocca Persepolis KPA In the book “Persepolis”, the author Marjane Satrapi, uses excellent diction to help the reader obtain knowledge and gain understanding of her main purpose in a specific passage or chapter of the book. Despite her specific word choice, it is challenging for readers to truly understand her main purpose only through literary terms and devices used throughout the book. Therefore, to help increase the readers ability to understand the main purpose of a certain specific passage, Satrapi uses an extensive amount of precise graphic elements. For example, in the passage “Kim Wilde”, Satrapi is able to express her main purpose that when governments tend to restrict the people too much, and become oppressive, the people tend to resist their law and rebel against the law by using the graphic elements of shading and facial expressions to express her purposes in and easier and clearer visual way. Throughout Persepolis, we constantly see use of shading. A…show more content…
Precise facial expressions help the reader truly get a sense of the author’s main purpose. Throughout Persepolis we see that to be true. Specifically, in the chapter “Kim Wilde”, on pages 127 and 128 throughout multiple panels, we get the facial expression of worriedness and fear. This is because they are trying to smuggle illegal posters across the border. The thought of bringing posters home for their daughter caused so much fear and worriedness in Marji’s parents lives because the government forbids any westernized life and the posters contained a western band on them. Therefore, Satrapi clearly showed their emotion through facial expressions. This is significant to the main purpose of the chapter because even though we can clearly interoperate that they are fearful and worried for their lives, they still tried to smuggle the posters over the boarder despite the government’s oppressive law not
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