Rhetorical Analysis Reflection

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In my previous English 101 class that I took last semester I had to write a rhetorical analysis on a topic I am very passionate about. My paper was titled “Why Everyone Should Be Feminist.” The assignment was that we had to read an article, and analyze the components the author used. After analyzing the work, we had to write our own rhetorical analysis using what we learned from the article. The purpose was to get us used to picking out writing tools, so we could learn how to put them in our own work. This assignment taught me a lot about rhetorical techniques that can be found in a lot of authors works. I tried to target a wide audience because I wanted to reach more than a specific group of people. I did not want my paper to be gender specific…show more content…
My previous professor was big on self-reflection. So shortly after I typed this essay I had to reflect on what I had done. Each time I have analyzed this paper I have found something new that I should have seen before, and I have learned how to improve from that point. I really don’t like now how passionate I was in my paper. It is hard when you really support something to take a step back and convey your argument clearly. Like right now I am fighting going on a tangent. I also do not like how I structed my paper. I am a very basic writer, because that is what I was taught in grade school. I have a very definite introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. It is a very basic way to write, and I feel like my audience could have been more influenced by my writing if I made my paper flow more. Another thing I am very notorious for is completing only the requirements. In my previous essay I only used ethos, pathos, and logos because that was all that was expected. With a topic I truly care about I wish I would have done a little more with my paper than I did. Grammatically, I still need a lot of improvement. I write like I would text sometimes, and that is a bad habit that needs to be broken. But just in one semester I can see my improvements though my
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