Rhetorical Analysis Of Donald Trump's Essay

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RHETORIC ANALYSIS ROUGH DRAFTBrandy DavidsonEnglishSept. 19, 2015Professor MoranRhetoric analysis rough draftThe document that is going to be under rhetoric analysis is a journal for the debateover the presidency. The particular candidate under scrutiny is Donald Trump, a man that has been strewn across media headlines for the past few months. Most of his speeches hasbeen vicious insults directed at his opponents, giving him the power to leave his audienceaghast at his behavior and have many impressed with his notorious abrasiveness. He often starts most of his speeches with backhanded remarks on his opponents and throughout this will conclude with accusations and near slander with no subtlety at all. The Wall Street Journal shows his knack…show more content…
Trump has a large following due to the fact that his disposition is getting a lot of media attention. Which is probably why his voters are mostly called ‘fans’ than possible votes. Looking at this page shows the favor the journal displays to the reader since it hasalmost every sentence is for his benefit. The video of the compilation of rude comments are humorously titled: The Art of The Insult. Labeling Trumps rough opinions as a form of Art gives the reader the sense that his actions are acceptable, and that the reasons that his attitude is rare is that it is artistic and not beside the fact that if one was to ever bring his sense of pride at the dinner table would receive a lecture of how to talk about people in the sense that they are human beings, followed by a details interrogation questioning the sudden mood change. The video shows a sense of emotion, yet demonstrating authority, combining Ethos and Pathos. The article shows that most of his work is supported by his crass behavior against his opposing candidates, fans giving him a sense of entitlement and showing that his fame is only for his reputation for remarks other than actual community related accomplishments. Originally successful for his own financial success, many people assume he can pull America out of our economic crisis, when in
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