Rhetorical Analysis: River Plan Too Fishy For My Taste Buds

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The San Joaquin River is an important river because its Central California’s largest river, supporting endangered fish and wildlife, communities, and one of the most productive agricultural regions in the world .The article “River Plan Too Fishy for my Taste Buds”,whom it was by Bill McEwen.The newspaper that featured this article is Fresno Bee on March 26,2009.Fresno is surrounded by farms so it would anti big business and government.McEwen is a credible writer because he is a veteran journalist,a sports and news columnist,and an opinion page editor.I think this author is a credible writer because he spent his life writing.I believe the River project was a bad idea because several experts and famous institution,say its success is impossible (ethos),numerous studies prove this project will fail (logos),and many farmers and people will be affected by the loss of water for the project (pathos). My ethos statement several experts and famous…show more content…
My pathos statement many farmers and people will be affected by the loss of water for the project.Pathos is an appeal to emotion,and is a way of convincing an audience of an argument by creating an emotional response.”Friant Water Users Authority decided that settling out of court and giving up some water for salmon was smarter than taking their chances with a federal judge”(2).They want to help the salmon thrive in nature when the opposing side wants to hurt the salmon in order to finish the project.The restoration project is breaking farmers hearts because they want the government to give them the money to make more crops instead of the government using the money for the project.”We need a stimulus water package.We’re going to have dire poverty”(2).If this keeps happening a lot of people will be in poverty from lack of water.We need water in order to survive from dehydration.My side is more superior because the opposing
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