Rhetorical Analysis Straight From The Heart

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Straight from the heart is a wonderful, but depressing passage narrated by a journalist named Tim Collins. The passage is about the tragic speech spoken by Marie Fatayi- Williams and the terroristic incident that lead to the possible killing of her son Anthony Fatayi- Williams. Marie’s speech is fueled by a couple different topics, which in their entirety explain how she feels about the loss of her son to be a traumatic event. These topics make the speech very powerful and meaningful to the audience according to Collins. The narration is primarily to explain why Marias speech is so powerful and why it inspired and touched so many people’s hearts, while Marie defies the pointlessness of terroristic acts followed by the tragedy. Many different points throughout the story allow an individual to observe how working as a parent for a child can be difficult, and make a loss traumatic. Collins…show more content…
Marie feels strongly about the incident not only because it involves the death of her son, but also her recollection of all of the work she put into to him in order to make him a successful man. As a child she nurtured and protected him, as an adolescent teen she taught him, and as an adult she respected him. After all of the work and time she spent raising her beloved Anthony, a single act of terror has more than likely killed him. Marie was able to convey her emotions about her the depressing situation into her speech because of the tireless work that she did to raise Anthony. Throughout all of this time her love only grew for her child. She always worked hard as a mother for him and was happy to do it. Marie converts all of these feelings in order to speak with compaction, concern, sadness, and love. Her words came straight from her heart and that is why there was an extreme connection between her and the
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