Rhetorical Analysis: TED Talk

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Malcolm Gladwell, a journalist, who was talking about a person named Howard Moskowitz in TED talk, who changed the world of the food industry by his unique way of thinking. Moskowitz’s innovations about having choices changed people’s way of thinking towards food tasting. During the TED talk, Gladwell talked about one of Moskowitz’s experiment with spaghetti sauce and how he started his experiment by making three groups of spaghetti sauces: plain, spicy and extra chunky and asked people which type of sauce would they prefer. Of course, people at that time didn’t even know what extra chunky spaghetti sauce is. After the results, I was pretty surprised by Moskowitz’s theory about choosing extra chunky spaghetti sauce even though not even half of American craved for extra chunky spaghetti sauce, and yet the company, Prego earned 600 million dollars from the extra-chunky sauce. According to Gladwell, most people are not even aware of their preferences, sometimes they order something else and they want something else. Gladwell’s idea was to convey his audience that eat what makes you genuinely happy. I like the way how Gladwell was trying to connect his main idea from Moskowitz’s thinking in the food industry to people’s nature, to make his audience understand what he is trying…show more content…
He thought that there should not be just one variety of one particular product, there should be different variations of a particular product, for instance, Dairy Milk chocolate. There are so many different types dairy milk can be found in a supermarket today, such as silk, Oreo, almond and etc., because there are people who would happy to eat Oreo rather than almond, so Moskowitz’s idea was to keep options for both types of Dairy Milk chocolates. Moskowitz’s theory was that asking for someone’s preference is the best thing one can do make the other person satisfied, especially when it comes to
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