Rhetorical Analysis: The Biggest Loser

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In “The Biggest Loser” (October 23, 2015), Paul Krugman asserts that the Benghazi committee is a witch hunt and that ¨Trey Gowdy and company” are chumps. Mr. Krugman illustrates his displeasure with the committee and the head of it, Trey Gowdy, through belittling diction and Rhetorical question. He uses this choice in diction and rhetorical question in order to deter anyone from taking the accusations of the committee seriously by calling not only the committee “chumps” and but anyone who listens to the committee an ¨ even bigger chump” then the committee is. Krugman appeals to his more liberal audience by talking about the committee, and its tea party support, with a tone of contempt by using insulting diction like “loser” and “chump”. Krugman
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