Rhetorical Analysis: To Dance With The Devil

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“To Dance with the Devil” tells of the hardships and negative consequences that were a result from coal mining. The article sheds light on the struggles and difficulties caused by coal mining. The rhetoric qualities of the text enlightens readers of the many ramifications of coal mining in southern West Virginia. Throughout the text, the reader is informed by the multitude of rhetoric qualities of the text. “To Dance with the Devil” informs readers of the many consequences that have come from coal mining in southern West Virginia.
In “To Dance with the Devil”, the author tells the readers how coal mining and mountaintop removal negatively impacted the surrounding communities and environments. Throughout the paper, the author explains of how coal mining began in southern West Virginia, and then proceeds to tell of all the negative consequences that
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The article taught me about the problems associated with coal mining. However, “To Dance with the Devil” did not have any personal relevance to me. I am not acquainted with anyone who has experience with the coal mining industry, but the information did make me think somewhat. This text made me consider the lengths to which governments will go to order to achieve financial gain and how they can be driven by greed. Also, I became aware of the fact that something can be economically beneficial to the government, but it can have severe impacts on the environment and surrounding communities. “To Dance with the Devil” is an informative article that informs readers of the negative consequences that have come from coal mining. The text educates readers of how coal mining is becoming detrimental to the health and safety of the residents of southern West Virginia. The text informs readers by having a strong subject, persuasive appeals, and having a clear purpose for the

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