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Rhetorical Analysis Writers as well as other artists inform, entertain, and persuade their audiences in many ways. Therefore, for a clear understanding of some pieces of work, one need to analyze the work, whether fiction or non-fiction to understand how different parts and elements work together in creating the needed effect. Use of literary elements such as ethos, pathos, logos, tone, and imagery are some of the techniques that bring out the intended purpose of the piece of work. The rhetorical situation is another essential area in rhetorical analysis. “Americans Don 't Have the Right to Bear Just Any Arms” by Kurt Lichtenwald shows how he relates to the audience in a manner that one can recognize and analyze. The purpose of the piece of…show more content…
For example, the writer states in paragraph 12 that, one can recognize one as a criminal only after he/she has committed an atrocity. Such definition came during the presentation that guns should not be in the hands of criminals. Various examples and analogies are evident in the article and they help in presenting various situations. Some of the examples used in the article are the killings committed by Holmes in paragraph 13, Adam Lanza shooting kids in the Elementary School, and the NRA allowing people to have a feeling of some guns during their presentation. The credibility of the writer is evident from how he presents his facts through a well-researched topic and acknowledgment of the source of information. He understands the idea he is writing on and even uses photos to explain his facts and concepts. One can recognize the credibility through focusing on the…show more content…
The writer appeals to the reader’s emotions and values in many ways. For instance, he is able to present the piece of work in a flowing manner to make the theme understandable. Additionally, he uses irony to explain some of the situations regarding the theme of the story. The main theme of the article is to show why the Americans should not have some weapons. Emotionally, the author presents the situations that have led to mass killings because of possession of some guns. The use of words such as the “killing of innocent” appeals to the reader’s emotions and beliefs. For example, in paragraph 15, the author presents the situation of children killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Such emotional situation can influence the reader to make an informed judgment regarding the situation. Another element in literary analysis is tone. In a piece of writing, it is not easy to identify the tone. However, some elements can show the concept of tone in the writing. The writer shaped the effective voice with words that are exact, concrete, and clear. In addition, the writer used the words that were essential in invoking some specific effect. The use of question is a way in which the writer communicated the tone of some parts in the article. For example, in paragraph 13, he questions the essence of one having a gun that can fire about one hundred
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