Rhetorical Analysis: US T Creek

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Ethos, Pathos, and logos are essential in persuading an idea or work of art that you strongly agree with. Everyone practices them daily, or at least encounter them, whether they realize it or not. From the articles Up Sh*t Creek (with a Paddle) and Learning to Surf by David Gessner, are similar as a whole. David Gessner demonstrates to the audience that he is reliable to write about the outdoors(ethos), that he has character, experience and knowledge in the subject he is sharing. Gessner portrays his passion and desire(pathos) for the environment and living organisms. He not only has passion for the environment, nonetheless is also factual(logos) in his articles by using numbers and referring to other articles. In both Up Sh*t Creek (with a Paddle) and Learning to Surf,…show more content…
He writes to the audience with appropriate connotaion to give readers understanding of the circumstances and possibly make an emotional impact. In Up Sh*t Creek (with a Paddle), this article informs people about some of the hidden truths about the waters near them. Given in the title, he shares that he notices sewage that is being passed through the Cape Fear River as he paddles. Gessner shares that he has been paddling the waters for two years now and just noticed the pipes. This shows that it takes a while to get to know the hidden workings of a place, even if they are right in front of you. Gessner is just one of the hundreds of other people with the same passion that have overlooked it. In Learning to Surf, Gessner’s passion takes him out of is comfort zone. He paddles out, not on a kayak, but a surfboard, experiencing what he has vividly watched every morning. Being now, directly in the bird’s environment, he was able to experience a different view, and a new sport at the same time. This shows that Gessner has enough passion to go out of his comfort zone for an enricher
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