Rhetorical Analysis: We Need More Nurses

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Due to hospital care reaching an all-time high in America, we need nurses now more than ever before. Currently in America, we have an issue with nurses having too many paperwork to fill out. In the article “We Need More Nurses” by Alexandra Robbins argues we need more nurses in the hospital. Nursing shortage has been a common issue throughout the world. Because of this issue others are being affected in many different ways. This issue is not only affecting the hospital, but also the patients. In the article “When Hospital Paperwork Crowds Out Hospital Care” by Theresa Brown argues that nurses have too much paperwork to fill out about their patients. Having too many paperwork takes away from the nurses getting involved with their patients. In my opinion, neither of the arguments are valid because they lacks supporting details .Even though Robbins and Brown are passion about their topic, they both did a great job using pathos…show more content…
Her intro is great because she uses a personal story. Her uses of pathos to make an emotion connection and convincing her audience of the argument by creating an emotional response. One of Theresa weaknesses is “ Or consider “fall assessments “,which nurses uses to determine a patient’s risk of falling while in the hospital-a problem that accounts for 11,000 deaths annually.” This statement is a weakness because it’s no supporting evidence to support the text. Another weakness of Theresa article is “Hospice care is covered benefit under Medicare, and the centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services maintain rigid standards for documentation.” I choose this statement as weakness because the author goes off topic at the end of the article. While reading the article over and over, I notice this article in particular is very bias. I said it to be biased because she gives more opinion and feeling than support evidence to support her

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