Rhetorical Appeal In Oedipus The King

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The use of rhetorical appeal in Oedipus the Colonus is prominent, as it paves the way for the plot of the story. In this portion of the play Oedipus tries to appeal to the audience’s emotions by forcing them to empathize with his past horrors and misfortunes. Oedipus states” I have suffered terribly, Theseus, wrongs on wrongs, no end”(ll. 670-671). Thus, evoking sadness and extreme grief those reading or watching the play. Sophocles uses pathos to excite and arouse the audience’s interests forcing them to wonder: what will happen to Oedipus. However, from what is being written, the audience might conclude that Oedipus is manipulative, which could prompt anger in a select few that are watching the play. In fact, when Oedipus says, “ I come

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