Rhetorical Appeal Of The Audi R8 Commercial

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The Audi R8 Big Game Commercial, "Commander" talks about an old man who is thinking about his time as an astronaut. He misses it and he just stares at a wall and doesn’t talk to anybody. His son comes with his Audi R8 and he gives the car keys to his dad to drive it. He becomes happy and excited and it makes him relive his time as an astronaut. The commercials purpose was to promote the Audi R8 car. Watching the commercial, the intended audience for an adult man with a son. I say that because the main character’s are an old man and his son. This commercial instills values like the past meaning reliving what you loved and also family. It’s not effective because it doesn’t use the Rhetorical Appeals like Ethos and Logos but, it does include Pathos which makes it somewhat good. Pathos is a Rhetorical Appeal that the commercial does portray in many forms. It’s commonly known as the emotional appeal. For example in the ad, the old man misses his past as an astronaut. He’s sits in his couch and thinking about the great life that he had before. It’s very relatable because you have those moments where you think to yourself I wish I can go back to this day because it was the best day of my life. For the old man, it was when he first flew into space. Another example in the ad is the father and son connection. The old man’s son goes to his father who was all lonely by himself. He owned an Audi R8 and he let his father drive it. While driving, his father looks him in the eye and starts
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