Why Is Greek Architecture Important

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The Greeks were a very fascinating people and with constant advances of math, music, science and a number of other useful subjects that brought the world into a new age of understanding. Some of the most intelligent philosophers and mathematicians of the time had helped to make Greece the great civilization that it is. This includes such people as pythagoras, the father of math and music. Archimedes, who was a great inventor and scientist. Eratosthenes also helped in the advancement of geography. Not only did Greece have great thinkers, but it also made way for architecture and sports. In all we may not have the things we do today if it weren’t for some guys in Greece long ago. Greek architecture has influenced many modern and old buildings, especially with their columns. First, doric columns are special because of their simplicity. With square capitals and fluting shafts these columns are found in more practical situations. Second, Ionic columns anr well known for their capitals. A scroll-like capital allows for Ionic columns to seem more fancy or unique. Finally, corinthian columns have become popular from their unique capitals. The capital atop corinthian columns are fern-like and are easily recognisable. Greek architecture has been…show more content…
The gathering first started in 776 BC to honor Zeus. Although, rules decided to stop the olympics in 396 AD, but after rediscovering them in 1896 AD is was revived. People of different race can also show their worth at the olympics now. Such as Jesse Owens, who proved blacks can be athletes and the german force wasn’t superior. Finally, the cost of the Olympics sends whole countries into debt. Such as Atlanta, who have torn down multiple stadiums, costing insane amounts of money, while gaining almost nothing in the process. Everyone has a chance at greatness and the Olympics have shown that we can do this in
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