Skillet Battle Cry Analysis

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Essay on the Rhetoric involved in the song Battle cry by Skillet In the song Battle cry, Skillet is trying to inspire courage and confidence in its listeners. The song persuasively calls for fighting for yourself by establishing the group's strong looks and their empathetic words, evoking powerful emotions and reflecting the cycle of depression and relapse in their lyrical structure. Skillet - a group formed in 1996 in Tennessee - is a reconstitution of many other groups; mostly Serph and Urgent Cry, two very different types of rock bands. They use their demeanor - a necessity in the rock industry - and past experiences to present themselves in a brand new type of rock. A blend of the two bands genres. The band has consistently had temporary…show more content…
Not only that but the rhythm also get faster as well as a louder melody, a bass line gets introduces and there are more guitars and heavier drums. With the song just keep on getting louder until it all goes away again for the second verse leaving just the sad original melody in its wake. This technique - one of matching the music with the words - multiplies the number of emotions brought up by the song. But their words, that lyrical genius I mentioned earlier, that is what creates the real emotion. With the first sentence being “you’re on the edge of giving up” . this starts the song very grimly getting straight to the point of the song and which role it plays in the album. But they also repeat “we will bend but we will never break” before every single chorus, getting you ready for what is to come, with their last sentence being “I can feel it can you feel it ?” referring to the teenagers battle cry. Ending the song on a hopeful note. Not only the body of this song thought through but, the beginning and end are too. With the start having a slow start and a sad tune then evolving into the actual song but instead of going back to tt same slow tune at the end like it did
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