Rhetorical Devices In Brave New World Chapter 1

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Brave New World Chapter 7-8
1. Rhetorical device (can use diction, sentence structure, grammar, etc) and/or Logical Fallacies: Identify 5 Rhetorical devices or Logical Fallacies in each chapter and discuss what effect it has on the tone, message, etc – in other words, what is its significance?
Quote with page number Rhetorical Device/ Fallacy Effect ** This is the MOST IMPORTANT part, so make this really insightful**
“The mesa was like a ship becalmed in a strait of lion-coloured dust”. pg. 107 Simile This simile points out the contrast between the society which Bernard and Lenina came from and the Reservation as it compares the Mesa to a stone ship, surrounded by dust. Bernard and Lenina are very much like the “ship”, out of place, in the way that they are from a
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that you can associate with per chapter. This can be glued onto the page.
4. Shakespeare Allusions: 1. Annotate what each quote means. 2. Research and Explain what connection the quote has to Brave New World versus the Shakespearean play it comes from. 3. What point is Huxley attempting to make by using so many Shakespearean quotes?
Chapter 7
3 . Shakespearean plays have given John the knowledge to understand and express emotions, which criticizes the values of the World State as it tries to destroy any human emotions besides happiness. By utilizing so many Shakespearean quotes, Huxley contrasts the ideologies of Shakespeare with those of the World State and how it can be detrimental to maintaining stability within the World State.
A most unhappy gentleman Two Gentlemen of Verona (V, iv)
1. This quote means a sorrowful man.
2. John feels unhappy as he has not experienced life in the “Other Place” which he believes is a wonderland. He is also unhappy that the other Indians will not let him participate in the Ritual because of his skin color.
Out, damned spot, out, I say! Macbeth (V, i)
1. This quote means a spot of
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