Rhetorical Devices In Dover Beach

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In the poem Dover Beach, the themes is that, people have good and bad times in life. The poem has many rhetorical devices such as personification, allusions, simile, repetition, imagery, and rhyme. The devices helped the writes get the theme across or the meaning of the story. The reason why I think the theme of the poem is there is bad and good times in life because in the first stanza the tone happy, the second stanza it is melancholy, the third stanza the tone remorse and the last stanza is sorrow.
The first stanza’s tone is calm and happy. This stanza uses imagery to make you imagine looking out the window and feeling the breeze of wind. I believe the author wanted the reader to have imagine of someone or themselves in the window. For example,
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This stanza uses simile, it compares something full to something that is empty. Such as “The Sea of Faith Was once, too, at the full, and round earth's shore lay like the folds of a bright girdle furled.” (Matthew Arnold stanza 3) The quote means there was once was lots of faith but the faith is ending. Faith is hard to keep that is why it is compared to something empty.

In the last stanza, it had a sorrow tone. The rhetorical device used in this stanza it was rhyme. It all help the stanza sound helpless like there want no other way. Like in “To lie before us like a land of dreams, so various, so beautiful, so new,” (Matthew Arnold stanza 4).The quote mean to be hurt and not to have another help cause it hopeless.

In the poem Dover Beach, many rhetorical devices it helps shape the theme of the poem. The theme of the poem is that there is good and bad in life it can go either way anytime in life. The tone also helped shape the poem because the one gave of the theme. The reason why I think that the theme is because in each part of the poem the tone constantly changes. For instance in stanza 1 the tone happy, in stanza 2 the tone is melancholy, in stanza 3 the tone remorse and the last stanza is
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