Rhetorical Devices In Fences

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Fences Bono Act 2, scene 1 In this monologue from Fences, Bono, Troy’s best friend which he met in prison, uses rhetorical techniques such as pathos and ethos to illustrate both his concerns and jealousy of Troy taking for granted, his wife’s love for him. Bono narrates about the “good ol’e times” with him and about how he was a sensible player with a gracious heart. The use of continuous repetition to emphasize the phrase“I done know you”, meant that he learned things essential to his life. Bono starts off by talking to his old friend that “ he known him for a long time ” building between him and the audience also as a best friend forever type relationship. He mentions that he learned a lot from him. He explains,” I done learned a whole heap of things.. Watching you.”(Wilson 127). The purpose of his words is to show that he was like a teacher to him back then and to tell,”where shit lies”, but now he only sees a shell of his former friend. Additionally, he talks about how special Troy was when he met Rose. He chats about the fact that he was a player, but upon closer inspection, we come upon the idea that, Bono and Maxson have a close connection talking about the monumental important left to him after being with him as BFF’s. In Fences, during this particular scene, he states,”When you was hitting them balls out the park. A lot of them old gals was after you then. You had the pick of the litter..”(Bono 127). This piece meant to him was that his baseball skills attracted

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