Rhetorical Devices In Gold Digger

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Kanye West is one of the most influential lyrical geniuses of our time. Considering that he grew up from a young age without a father and being raised by a single mother. He ended up going to college for a while but decided to take a gamble and try his hand in the music career, so he dropped out. He made the best of it by working hard and using his natural talent for writing music that people would love and rose to stardom. With the help of Jamie Fox, Gold digger is a perfect example of Kanye coming into wealth as a rapper and not being sure who really is worth his time and who is just in it for his fame. The argument that this song is trying to make is assuming a woman is a gold digger, but doesn 't condone gold digging because he worked hard for his money.

Calling Kanye a genius is not an understatement even the Lou Reed, a famous rock star, had nothing but positive things to say about the artists ability to make music. His music is very powerful and is known for its under lying meaning. All the symbolism that he uses illustrates how he feels about a certain subject and you know he truly means it in Gold Digger. Having these aspects in his music, we can dissect it and see that he uses the three main rhetorical values to get his point across.

Kanye was a middle-class man when he first got into the music game and that didn 't help him one bit. The other rappers of the time were dominating with gangster rap and Kanye couldn 't get into the scene very easily because he

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