Ethos In Paine's Speech

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In Paines excerpt he is talking to the audience which is the American people(soldiers), and he is showing and proving to them that he needs them to listen to him. He is the same as any person that is listening so he has to try and prove himself that something needs to happen. The soldiers realize how bad they are being treated and what is happening. They know that Britain has the power to start taxing and bind them no matter what. Paine is knowing of what the british are capable of and what they will do if they get more power. Paine believes in his faith and is saying to the people that god wouldn’t let something happen to them, that he is the ultimate governing system. When he was taking to the audience he was getting his views across and sharing what he thinks and believes. When he is talking to the audience he uses a lot of ethos, he is showing and proving what can happen and what already has happened. “Britain, with an army to enforce her tyranny, has declared that she has a right (not only to tax) but "to bind us in …show more content…

He can say so much more stuff to them that they have to think and contemplate about. When he uses logos he is appealing to the reason and what they need to do in order to get through these times. When using pathos in his speech he is appealing to the audience by using powerful words to make them think about it. If they think about it they might be able to come up with a way to try and help them get out of this mess that they are in. Using those two devices are a good way to help him persuade his readers but there is one more that he uses. He uses ethos to explain himself, he is able to ask questions that prove facts to the soldiers and people, that he is right about things and they just don't see it. “The far and the near, the home counties and the back, the rich and the poor, will suffer or rejoice alike.” he is showing them that it will be bad if they don't do

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