Rhetorical Devices In The Odyssey

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Ten years after the defeat at Marathon, Darius’ son, Xerxes, launched a second invasion of Greece. The invasion had about 200,000 soldiers. The relatively small Greek force led by the Spartan king. ★★Leonidas numbers only 7,000 soldiers including 300 Spartans.★★ The slaves made everything and did everything that was a normal chore or job. They made the food and made the gear and weapons. Prior to Thermopylae they believed in polytheistic that means they believed in many different gods. Orical was presented to the Spartans that a king must die before greece won against Persia. They carried a shield with a symbol of their home town. Their main weapon was a spear that was 8 ft. long. Xerces didn’t think that they were really going to fight so
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