Rhetorical Devices In The Walking Dead

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Part I: Rhetorical Device - Identify a Rhetorical Device the author uses in his writing. Cite from the text (including paragraph #). The author of this piece, Jeremy Egner, voices his opinion countless times throughout the entirety of the article. Therefore, a rhetorical device noticeably evident is opinion. An opinion is a conclusion based on facts or judgements. An example of this device in the article is within paragraph 9 as Egner states, “I saw no compelling reason the cliffhanger device was necessary. For another, this was not a good episode.” In this passage, Egner states a few opinions about the most recent episode of The Walking Dead. It is clear that he disliked that installment, and he additionally stated a reason why.

Part II: What effect does the use of the rhetorical device you’ve identified have on the text? Did it affect the power, beauty, persuasiveness, point of view, or purpose of the text? Elaborate. As mentioned above, the rhetorical device opinion is used several times throughout the selected article. The overall effect of this device is extremely significant as it sways the entire bias of the column. In specifics, the use of opinion affected the persuasiveness of the text. Whenever the author described his feelings towards the topic, it
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I’ve been a fan of this tv series for about 5 years now, and I absolutely love it. Nearly every episode the show produces, is brilliant and never fails to impress me. When Jeremy Egner explained his displeasement with the latest premiere, I wasn’t surprised. Personally, that episode kept me on edge all 60 minutes, and was the epitome of suspense, however, it wasn’t the director’s best work. All in all, The Walking Dead plays a major role in my life and I only criticize it with the best interests. In conclusion, this article is quite comparable to my opinions, and hopefully we will see an improvement within the next
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