Rhetorical Devices

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An editorial cartoon is one of the most powerful and widely used pieces of literature; it has the ability to voice the opinion of the author in a variety of useful and creative ways. One of the many famous techniques that artists use in editorial cartoons to convey their ideas to their audience is through the use of rhetorical devices. These rhetorical devices play a key role in illustrating some of the problems that people have and are currently facing historically, socially, politically and religiously. This device is also used to convince the viewer to look at many important topics from a different perspective. Many artists have their own ideologies about different topics around the world and some people may disagree with these specific…show more content…
In the past recent years, there have been numerous terrorist attacks on America like 9/11, The Boston marathon bombing, and the Oklahoma beheading. Many attacks that were done in the past years have been done without the use of guns. The democratic government, however, thinks that by banning guns it will simply stop terrorism because there would be no violence. What the government fails to realize is that if someone really wanted to commit an act of terrorism then they will find a way to do it. The democratic government in the past and until recently has been missing this key point and offer a simple minded, ineffective solution to a problem that is much bigger than just the use of guns. In America, the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution says that the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be broken. This poses a problem for the American democratic government as well because banning guns would conflict with the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. This another a clear example of how flawed their ideology is and America should instead concentrate on the bigger picture of terrorism and restricting access to…show more content…
The use of symbolism is an important rhetorical device used within this editorial cartoon because, in politics, the donkey symbolizes the democratic government while the elephant symbolizes the republican government. This symbolizes how the democratic government thinks about terrorism and how they apply simple minded solutions to many topics that require a much deeper analysis. The democratic government thinks that banning all guns will stop terrorism when there are plenty of other ways to conduct violence without the use of guns. In the past decade, there has been a high number of terrorist attacks carried out by many different people. The democratic government over time has not grasped the concept that banning guns will not stop terrorism alone. Furthermore, banning guns will not only anger citizens that rely on guns every day, but it will not nearly solve the problem surrounding terrorism as easily as they think it will. This is a point that Dana summers has clearly elaborated on with the use allusion. Within this cartoon, the reader can see three separate pictures that contribute to the ideology of the Democratic government. In the first picture we see a picture of the twin towers and a plane, this alludes to the famous twin towers terrorist attack also known as 9/11 where two planes flew into the twin tower buildings on September 11, 2001
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