Rhetorical Devices Used In Abraham Lincoln's Inaugural Speech

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The very best president of the united states Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president and one of the most accomplished for his achievement in aboloshing slavery. Lincoln is giving his Inaugural address speech, reflecting about the civil war and how we were able to overcome all the violence and tragedy that came with it. Articulated by Lincoln about slaves and how they were a major sin that we the people committed, slaves were the cause of the civil war and neither side could come up with an agreement to end it. In the end, both sides prayed to God to save them, but none got that wish. The entire speech purpose is effective in convincing the audience that after the war is over we need to come together and unify the north and the south, Lincoln's purpose is effective in retelling to the audience how the civil war was a disaster and petty. Rhetoric appeal in the speech includes;…show more content…
He also gets his points across clearly and easy such as his purpose and the audience. The audience of the speech is the American people and the audience in attendance. talking to the American people about the war and how we can be unified he says multiple times that we the people be unified and join together after the war. That's part of the purpose another was that he wanted to reflect on the civil war and how it just lead to violence and bloodshed. Paired with the speech Antithesis is especially effective in getting his words to inflict impact and feeling for example”One would accept war rather than let a nation survive”this shows how Lincoln is reflecting back on how the war was genuinely petty in how both sides were acting. This is especially effective in getting the audience to reflect on how the war was wrong and it shouldn't of happened showing how wrong both the north and south were in fighting this war over slavery. Antithesis are comparing war and how one nation will
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