Rhetorical Devices Used In Brutus And Antony's Speech

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Rhetoric in the Speeches of Brutus and Antony The death of Caesar is a controversial topic and was even more controversial at the time of his funeral when when senators were trying to benefit from his death by getting the Roman citizens on their side. At Caesar’s funeral, two senators gave speeches as an attempt to get the roman people on their side. Out of the two speeches, Marc Antony’s speech was more effective because of his use of appeals and biases, being 100% true and had a larger variety of rhetorical devices. The appeals in Antony’s speech were persuasively better than the use of them in Brutus’s speech. Marc Antony uses all three appeals in his speech to make a very sturdy argument. An example of logos in his speech is when he states, “He hath brought many captives home to Rome Whose ransoms did the general coffers fill: Did this in Caesar seem ambitious?” This speech is Antony stating facts of Caesar’s work which proves that he is not ambitious and does not deserve to be killed. Antony also uses ethos and pathos when he says, “He was my friend, faithful and just to me.” This is ethos in the way it gives him credibility as a friend, suggesting that he would truly know Caesar. But, it is also pathos because it makes the crowd sorrowful for him because someone that is close to him has been killed. The use of ethos, logos and pathos made Marc Antony’s argument and speech far superior to Brutus’s. Another reason that makes Marc Antony’s argument more valuable is
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