Rhetorical Devices Used In Frederick Douglass

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Reals of Slavery The powerful rhetoric, through purposeful words, anecdotes, and details show how they influence America to see the evils of slavery.The evils of slavery demonstrate how the slaves were whipped and shows this with rhetoric words in his autobiography “Frederick Douglass”. Powerful rhetoric helps Douglass influence for the abolitionist movement. Douglass uses powerful words to show the evils of slavery for the abolitionist movement. Slaves not knowing of their age as animals, show how just brutal there were as knowing little as their family too. Acknowledging, how slaves are treated compared with animals knowing “little of their age as horses know of theirs”(17). Demonstrate the injustice and evils of slavery and shows how slaves owners treated their slaves like animals. Douglass shows this powerful phrase to help readers understand the comparison of animals to slaves. Mr. Gore is a perfect overseer he was ranked as a “first- rate overseer” in the Colonel Lloyd's Plantation. Everybody knowing how Mr. Gore was so perfect not making any error that “his words were in perfect keeping with his looks, and his looks were in perfect keeping with his words”(37). Show how his “words were in perfect keeping with his looks” because you would not see him doing or saying something wrong because he was always right. Douglass show how Mr. Gore was “grave man” and shows how the attitude of him was in perfect keeping with his looks and words. After staying…show more content…
Mr. Gore is so perfect that does not commit any error of his own he is always right. Douglass already tired of not handling it anymore he converts into a man. Douglass shares how slavery was evil through powerful rhetoric and showing in regards the inhumane slavery in the
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