Rhetorical Devices Used In Letter From Birmingham Jail

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“Letter from Birmingham Jail” is a very famous argument that was written by Martin Luther King Jr. in 1963 after being arrested for protesting in the streets of Birmingham, Alabama. His letter is a direct response to criticism from southern white religious leaders about King’s actions. Martin Luther King Jr. was a black Minister and one of the most famous activists of the Civil Rights Movement. The Civil Rights Movement is defined as the major protest by blacks to fight unfair laws and promote equal rights for all. “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” was written during a time period of social change in America. Not only were neighborhoods, businesses, and schools almost totally segregated, but also Black Americans suffered humiliation, insult, embarrassment, and discrimination daily by whites. The oppression of Black Americans prompted King to write a letter that tries to appeal to the white moderates in hopes of receiving support and involvement for the movement. The letter effectively argues that his actions are justified and are timely by using rhetoric like pathos, ethos, and logos. The use of rhetoric allows for…show more content…
was a black American that led the civil rights movement during the 1960’s. “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” is a direct response to the criticism King as faced due to his actions in Birmingham and around the country for equal rights for all. The purpose of the letter is to persuade the white moderate to receive their support and active involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. The awareness of the audience affects the voice and tone King uses throughout the letter. King uses rhetoric strategies including Logos, pathos, and ethos to appeal to the specific audience and make an effective argument. “Letter from Birmingham jail” is classic argument that showcases strong appeals to logic, his credibility, and the audience’s emotion to effectively persuade readers to get involved and support King with his actions to receive
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