Rhetorical Devices Used In Mlk's Speech

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MLK’S Speech

How did Martin Luther King’s speech change the world? “I Have a Dream” changed our world because he had many followers and believers. He spoke for people to have rights and to be equal. Not judged for skin tones. People were just people. They are who they are by beauty and genes. It was a big problem to be hurt and scared for being yourself. Martin LK was a first to speak to a huge crowd spreading the facts and many people listened.

Martin Luther king states that “One hundred years later the negro is still not free.” He explains people who are darker had years of suffering and they would be abused for a skin tone. Many people wanted it to stop. He used pathos. He and others had a passion to make this problem stop. People
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People wanted things fair, they also don’t want to be different in a hatred way. This is ethos because it is a reasoning. You are born with natural rights.

(Quotes appropriate for this topic.)
Page four, paragraph two; “Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.”
Page two, paragraph 3; “They have come to realize that their freedom is inextricably bound to our freed.”

Therefore in conclusion, I believe people all did fight for freedom, and they got it by never turning back. All people deserve rights, no matter if they are women or men, colored or not…. Everyone’s just people. Being who you are is a beauty. Something to cherish.

7-8 answer “Has america fulfilled the requests made by the
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Martin LK, our speaker, went up to everyone and faced the problems. He wanted to develop people's abilities for many reasons. Whites and blacks were separated from each other for “education and health” purposes. Whites always got what they wanted while the rest sat there poor. People did not understand that every individual had brains. They were smart all together. Darker people where no creatures like people said they were. Every person will forever be human. Some could vote and some could not. People would randomly be beat in a restaurant just for being happy, and some people were the ones beating and hurting the others. Get the point? MLK then came along and spoke for many of thousands of people. They all went through the journey together. He stopped a huge amount of the problem. He spoke for people to have freedom and for racism to stop. Now these days all people have the same rights. People can now all vote and buy things they want. All people are now free and now when they walk outside, they can get fresh air without worrying for being beat or hurt. People can do things in peace. Most people can also get along and be friends. This problem may be happening still but it did get a lot better and MLK fixed a large amount of
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