'Rhetorical Devices Used In Picture 12'

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In picture 12 I think that the tone that they are trying to show us is frustrated. I think this because the lady is trying to brake hold of the police and the police look frustrated with the lady for trying to escape. Also the men and the woman 's face have that frustrated look to it when the police are clenching onto her arms so that they could carry her off and that she could not leave their grip. In picture 11 They had an enraged tone. I belief that they had this tone because people are protesting and protests aren 't good. They also have mean looks on their faces. They have signs that have mean things written on them. One of those things are “ Don’t treat our children like prisoners.” That is not positive. They are enraged that they are treating their kids like this, like prisoners even.…show more content…
In picture 10 the girls give off an irritated tone. I think this because they are staring each other dead in the eyes like they want to kill each other. They also have a mean look on their faces. Everyone is staring at them like they did something wrong or said something bad, They also have a shocked face on them. They don’t have smiles on their faces so they must not be happy with each other, and it was the time that white people and black people didn’t like each other so it fits into the time period that they were in within the

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