Rhetorical Devices Used In Presidential Elections

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This years presidential debate was the last hope for either candidates to win over the heart’s of voters. This years race to be president has been filled with many different characters. Twenty three candidates in total to be exact. The final candidates being for the republican party Donald Trump, and for the democratic party Hillary Clinton. They both went back and forth at each other making sly remarks, and stating the facts to upgrade their candidacy stock. Trump bringing up Hillary’s email situation and Hillary putting Trump on blast for not paying his federal taxes. To make themselves clear on what they stood for, they made detailed explanations backed up by highly credible evidence. Each candidate both used rhetorical devices to persuade their followers to agree on the ideas they had to fix problems within the country and they used logic fallacies to inaccurately convince their followers. Both candidates made more statements directed towards each other than they did on what they actually stood for. Though they still gave their standings on problems across the country. Hillary made the point that communities need to be brought back together again in cities like Chicago primarily for the reason to reduce the murder rate. She also included that we need to get guns out of the hand’s of people who…show more content…
It will be well known for the very conversional candidates and then who actually won the voting. Both candidates strongly state their positions on problems throughout the United States with well supported evidence. Though I think they both also state how they feel about each other and that has become a problem through this election process. Both candidates sounded very convincing and it will be very interesting to see who is chosen come election day. Fifty years from now people will look back and think how crazy of a debate it was and even think the choice of commander in chief was a bit insane as
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