Rhetorical Devices Used In Road Warrior By Dave Barry

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Edit 0 18… Dave Barry, "Road Warrior" Essay Subject and Intention Basically, Barry talks about the different "rages" that exists on a daily basis, which includes road rage, parking lot rage, and shopping cart rage. He explains in a humorous way how unnecessary these rages are in the world today and how they just create violence. Also, aim/intent: to satirize, to poke fun at this behavior while also exposing it. Genre and Context The genre and context are that Barry was living in Miami during the writing of this article, discussing the problems of road rage in a city with a high population. Also, contemporary/modern day. Persona and Tone Barry creates a tone of bitting humor."Maybe one time, years ago, these motorists happened to be driving in the left lane when their favorite song cam eon the radio, so they've driven over there ever since, in hopes that the radio will play the song again." He suggest…show more content…
tropes) Rhetorical Devices used (syntactical patterns, a.k.a. schemes) The rhetorical device of appositive is used in this essay such as when, on page 56, Barry says "the motorists who feel a need to drive in the left-hand, or 'passing' lane" to clarify the meaning of the left hand lane. In order for the reader to better comprehend how the passage should be read, Barry includes a form of interruption by using an ellipsis that, although it doesn't exclude information, allows the reader to pause at the correct time. This takes place on page 57 "to vacate the spot, and....nothing happens!" Barry also uses an unnamed form of repetition when he lists the different kinds of juices. Although he does not use the same words repeatedly, it is clear that the repetition is unnecessary and purely for effect. For many of his jokes, Barry uses a sentence structure that starts with a declarative statement and ends with a humorous remark. I would call it a punch line structure. (I like that-- "punch line
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