Rhetorical Discourse

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1. My parents and I wanted to my sister come in USA and to study her Master’s degree here. She was one of the best student in her university. She is talented and smart girl. She used to get scholarships and get many awards. We wish, her to educate person and to achieve her goals, but she does not want to come and to study again. We try to change her mind but, finally we found about she is dating with a guy. Afterwards my parents and I knew about her boyfriend. My family did not want her to marry him, because of some important traditional and she is young too. We tell her every day to come for few months or travel in USA, because she just wanted to stay with my parents. We hope, if she come here for travel, she might change. I tell her about America is a great country, friendly people, healthy food, have sightseeing things, and very peaceful. In additional, I have not seen my family for few years, so I miss her. We told her, if she studies here, she will not worry about her job and life. Hopefully, she might change her mind. 2. I…show more content…
I think, second characteristic of rhetorical discourse is more clear for me, because “Rhetoric is Adapted to an Audience” tells about the writer should be more careful thinking, planning about the future, and sharing the feeling with audiences. For example; audiences could be large and small group people, your classmates, and your coworkers. The important thing is adjusting your paper with an audience in mind. The audience that hears, reads, discusses, and shares your message or paper. It says, “Even some highly trained writers or speaks make a mistake such on Wayne Booth”. So a rhetor should be more careful and practice because it is one way of persuasion point to an audience. Argument is different than persuasion. It stands to discuss and to agree or not agree with situation. It depends on the knowledge and what you are arguing about, sometimes an audience does not have to give the reason. You have to accept the missing
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