Rhetorical Elements In My Proposal

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I believe that I use all three rhetorical elements effectively in my proposal. In my proposal, I used storytelling to create an emotional connection with the audience. I talked about the difficulties of being an intern and how it made me feel. Not only that, I also included anecdotes from other interns who shared my sentiment. I also believe that my arguments are logically sound. I found various sources, both academic and non-academic, that supports the use of mentorship programs to increase employee satisfaction and decrease turnover rates. I showed my credibility by talking about my past experience as a peer mentor and a decision-maker in a mentoring program that housed approximately 200 mentors and mentees. My storytelling supports my…show more content…
To this concern, I would say that arguments are a natural part of working with other people. Employee conflicts occur with and without mentorship programs and because PBGC is a government agency, both the mentor and mentee should act professionally even during conflicts. I would initially tell the mentor and mentee to talk to each other and solve the conflict on their own. If they still cannot come to a resolution, they can speak to the Director of the Internship Pathways Program to discuss the possibility of a reassignment. However, interns have to understand that they do not get to choose who they work with. Mentors and mentees will be matched according to their department and division, so even if there is a mentor-mentee conflict, they will most likely have to continue to work together. That is the nature of working in a professional setting. I believe that even if mentors and mentees have conflicts, it would be an important experience for interns to have before they venture out into the real world. Another possible concern that the final audience may have about the mentorship program is having more mentees than mentors. If the agency decides to hire more interns, it may create an imbalance in the mentor to mentee ratio. If that happens, I propose that some mentor take on more than one mentee. Another solution is to ask current full-time employees
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