Rhetorical Ploys In Advertising

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Rhetorical Ploys Rhetorical Ploys are something that happens often each day. Rhetorical Ploys often seem to give good reasons, but really they are basically just horrible attempts at trying to persuade someone. Think about it, it’s seen all the time especially in advertising. It’s seen on billboards, commercials, and posters in store windows. Sometimes it can even occur in the workplace. I will discuss how rhetorical ploys can be found in everyday situations, how they are used to persuade people, and why I find rhetorical ploys interesting. Rhetorical Ploys are used often in day to day life. Take advertising for example. There are advertisements that are seen everyday, whether it’s on a television screen or posted up on a huge billboard. There are also several different ways advertising uses rhetorical ploys. For example, Victoria’s Secret uses the appeal to sexiness to persuade one to buy something. In these commercials there are models who are wearing the products in an attempt to look “sexy” in the apparel. This then leads viewers to believe these products will do the same for them, essentially making them look just as “sexy.” Another type of rhetorical ploy used in advertising is the direct attack/hard sell. This one is used often in the form of a…show more content…
I find this interesting because if one has no idea what rhetorical ploys are or where they can occur, then it will be easier to be fooled by them. It’s interesting to think about how many people each day are probably persuaded to buy something due to use of a rhetorical ploy. This is nothing new though, because stores have been tricking people for years by making people think that a certain article of clothing will make someone appear more attractive or fit in better with certain crowds. Once one has learned about rhetorical ploys, then it can be rather simple to detect them in things such as
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