Types Of Rhetorical Questions

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Generally, in a day we ask or being asked by someone, many questions. Some of these questions are interrogative or inspective. But there is another form of the question which is asked just to tell something directly or indirectly. These types of questions are called rhetorical questions. It is not necessary that an answer or a reply is demanded over these questions. This is a type of speech which we said in a form of question but we don’t expect an answer. Suppose, you reached late at your office and your boss asks that do you know what time is it? This is a rhetorical question because he is not demanding a reply from you instead he is indirectly telling you that you are late. What are the types of rhetorical questions and where they can be…show more content…
To create a literary effect in a sentence because a person asks a rhetorical question when he already knows the answer, or he is not expecting an answer. This kind of question emphasizes the listener to think of his actions or words. Types Of Rhetorical Question There are several types of rhetorical questions and some of them are given below: Negative Assertion This class of rhetorical questions imposes a challenge against the listener and often gives a negative impression of an object. This type of question is impossible or difficult to answer. For instance, someone asked you that what has your friend done for you? In this question, the speaker is indirectly telling you that your friend has done nothing for you also hi is intended to pose a negative impact. As a metaphor When a rhetorical question is asked in a reply to already asked question, then the rhetorical question is used here as a metaphor. This type is often used to express certainty or humor of a situation. Other types Sometimes, a rhetorical question is asked to express the situation whose reply is needed in a form of a wish that this should not
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