Pearl Harbor Quotes Analysis

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Article 1- Abandon Ship! Abandon Ship! Quote- “No one seemed to mind the wise-cracks. It seemed crazy, maybe, but everyone seemed to relax a bit…” Quote- “So close, yet a world away, separated from us by a quarter of an inch of steel, or less. It was the difference between life and death.” Quote- “I felt that life would never be the same, not for me-- not for any of us...” Reaction- The first quote stood out to me because even though they were inches away from death, they were cracking jokes. The men seemed to be trying to stay positive, this showed their bravery and courage they had to have at the time. The second quote stood out because it shows how fragile life was/is for soldiers. The men risked their own lives out there to save so…show more content…
The first quote was said by a loyal Japanese who was eventually sent to a camp. The second quote shows how loyal Japanese Americans risked a lot to help our country, when their own country was the one making it risky for them. Lastly, the third quote shows how even after the Japanese Americans own country doubted their loyalty, they honored America as well as they could. Article 3- “Things That Only Men Had Done Before” Quote- “And I thought that would make it easier for us to see each other” Quote- “I also wanted to help the country get the war over with” Quote- “I had not seen anything like a rivet gun or an electric gun motor before except in Buck Rogers funny books.” Reaction- The first quote shows how hard it was for friends and families of the drafted men to let the go to war, it was not only hard for the soldier, it was hard for everyone around them. The second quotes demonstrates how desperately U.S citizens wanted the war to end, so they helped as much as possible. Lastly, the third quote is important because it represents how women had to start working jobs that usually men worked, since the men were all fighting the war. This gave women more opportunities in the
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