Rhetorical Devices Used In I Have A Dream Speech

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Rhetorical Resources hidden in “I Have a Dream” Speech In making an analysis of the rhetorical resources of a work, the great majority of literature teachers use the classics. However, there are other texts that can be analyzed with the same relevance as the texts of Shakespeare. In this case, I mean the speech "I Have a Dream," which has different resources and techniques that can be considered in the literature program of schools. In this paper, first, I will start with an overview of address canonicity and the notion of literariness. Second, I will briefly explain about the main generic features that the text has. And as the last point, I will conclude with the theoretical support reflected in “I Have a Dream” speech. "I have a dream" is one of the most …show more content…

did not plan to offer a discourse that would be taken to films, books, and plays in the future. That is how Routman (2005) makes the classification of literary genres and among them "I Have a Dream" is framed in the literary speech or discourse which is a public address whose frequently element is that the script is written to be read orally or performance. There is a particular social theory that addresses “I Have a Dream” discourse. This is the Marxism which is a cultural theory that exemplifies a set of social, economic, and political ideas that its supporters believe will allow them to understand and modify their world. This theory is based on the principles that the value of man is based on the forced job or potential job; economy as a factor that determines the action of society; the struggle of social classes are the construct of its history; it is also taken into consideration the proletariat and the bourgeois, among others. Marxism is the sign of the struggle for a balance between the oppressed and the upper class to create a better world for

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