Rhetorical Speech On Malala

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Malala Rhetorical Research Paper Malala Yousafzai, an inspirational and courageous young girl with a strong ambition to change the educational structure in third world countries for the justice of misfortunate children deprived of an education. She is a million voices depicted in one, she is the spark of light searched by the many who aren’t granted an education so readily. Malala speaks from the heart, she is humble, bold, and confident procuring her the followers and support she has had throughout her hardship. Malala’s compelling and life-changing perspectives were effectively allocated in the world with her use of passionate parallelism, concrete diction, and heartfelt imagery. Malala portrays parallelism in her speeches to assure that her most important points reach the minds of her audience successfully. In her nobel peace prize speech, she greatly manifests, “In my own village there are still no secondary school for girls, and it is in my wish and my commitment and now my challenge to build one, so that my friends and my sisters can go there to school and get quality education”. The words she proposed in the same tense were “wish”, “commitment”, and “challenge” to make her speech run smoothly as she speaks. It is most effective in grasping the audience 's attention to understand what her message is. Malala emphasizes her opinions and what she feels is right with her word choice. Another instance in which Malala portrayed parallelism is, “...because

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