Rhetorical Strategies In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Written in 1954 an extravagant novel follows the journey of a group of boys as they fend for themselves on a deserted island. In Lord Of The Flies, the author William Golding illustrates the boys as they try to form a makeshift civilization that falls when the absence of authority is apparent. The group undoubtedly faces many conflicts whether it be man versus man, man versus nature, or man versus himself. These challenges ultimately cause many disputes and deaths. Although the adventure of the boys is thrilling and action packed, William Golding camouflages his actual message that without proper authority to guide a civilization, that civilization will fall to human nature’s need for savagery and independence. To support his message, Golding…show more content…
In this case, Golding uses people, animals, and death to help support that even in today's society, without any ruling, mankind's nature will fog the sane mind onto an evil path. Two of the main characters, Ralph and Jack, are literally and symbolically at war. Ralph shows early signs of leadership when they first arrive on the abandoned island. This shows that Ralph is already setting rules and building up a civilization for the boys to live safely. On the contrary, Jack symbolizes the savagery that fights civilization. Toward the beginning of the novel, signs of savagery in Jack are apparent. He is quite fond of hunting. When Jack, Ralph, and Simon first encounter a pig, it was trapped in vines. When faced with the option of killing the pig, jack is trapped by his innocence, which stops him from killing. This shows that Jack is yet to fall into his savage heart. When Jack comes face to face with the pregnant sow he, without any hesitation, slits the sow's neck and puts her head on a stake. The fact that it was a sow and that Jack killed without any remorse, shows how savagery has completely taken over Jack. Simon, the symbol of Christ, witnesses all of the killing. When he sees the sow's head, it starts to speak to him. This is known as the Lord of
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