Rhetorical Strategies Used In His Commencement Speech By Kermit The Frog

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Kermit the Frog may be just a muppet, but that does not mean that he is unable to touch the hearts of millions of people. This is evident in his commencement speech to the graduating class at Southampton Graduate Campus. Kermit delivers a short but very powerful speech which is fueled by his use of rhetorical strategies. Kermit uses strategies such as repetition, appeal to pathos, and allusion in order to provide a humorous speech that is still inspirational.

Through his use of pathos, Kermit becomes more friendly with the audience by his use of humor. For example, when Kermit said that he can “slam dunk one mean basketball,” he is trying to humor the audience so they will give him more of their attention. With their attention it becomes much
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