Rhetorical Techniques In Martin Luther King's Speech

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Martin Luther King Jr, an African American and Civil Rights Activist in the 1960s, fights to end segregation in his speech "I Have a Dream." He argues that African Americans lack basic rights and change must occur, he achieves this by his use of rhetorical techniques. He supports his claim by declaring that blacks lack basic civil rights that were guaranteed under the constitution, he then talks about the issues blacks face, he goes on to say change is needed, finally he concludes his speech arguing how everyone deserves freedom and must stay faithful that change will occur. Martin Luther King Jr’s purpose is to make segregation cease to exist and to have black and white be seen equally, in order to achieve this purpose he uses loaded words…show more content…
King uses repetition of “I have a dream”. This rhetorical technique helps the audience realize that this is what the goals are for the country, that blacks and whites will be treated equally and become on. It also reminds the audience that change will occur.
Martin then shifts to talk about faith in paragraphs 27 through 37 by explaining that faith is the key and soon freedom will be known. King appeals to the audience by using strong words and repetition. By using repetition of “let freedom ring” and with this faith it helps the audience be reminded of his purpose that change will occur and equality will reign. This rhetorical technique helps the speech come across strong and more powerful and really convinces the audience of the idea of change.
Martin Luther King Jr’s speech was revolutionary and changed the view of many Americans. He helped achieve this effectiveness through his strong choice of diction and loaded words and his assertive tone that grasped the audience's attention. Also his repetition of words woven throughout the piece really helped him prove his point and achieve his purpose of equality. This message is still valued today because present day lots of segregation
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