Rhetorical Techniques In The Movie Identity

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Modern day thriller movies, like the movie Identity, can gross upwards of $100 billion after being released. The success of these movies begins with the very important first impression, which begins with the release of the movie's poster and movie trailer. Identity is a 2003 American thriller film centralized around a group of 10 people, who while traveling on a group trip, mysteriously die one by one from an unknown serial killer. This movie poster is very effective in its stylistic use of graphics, wording, relation to pathos, and all around visual references. These elements were used very efficiently in the making of their movie poster. As with most movie advertisements, advertisers strive to appeal to the emotions of the viewers, also…show more content…
It does provide the view with knowledge of what actors/actresses may be staring in the film which could be a good or bad thing depending on who they are. Viewers sometimes go watch specific movies because it stars their favorite actor or actress and other people do the complete opposite due to a dislike in an actor or actress. This leaves one major rhetorical strategy to establish the interests of a viewer when it comes to looking at and analyzing a movie poster. That strategy is Pathos. With its high-strung appeal to the emotion of the audience, Pathos was the strategy that played a big role in the creation of the Identity poster, and many other movie posters like…show more content…
The movement within the poster then leads the viewer to next recognize all of the smaller writing below the palm that declares, "The secret lies within." This simple quote later becomes the main theme of the movie itself in following advertisements. Even the quote itself leads a viewer to question and want answers to settle their curiosity. This is exactly what designers want as it will lead to higher attendance of the movie when released. Another very well-designed portion of this movie poster is its use of negative space. This may not fall into a rhetorical strategy, but it is very important in the overall design to bring out the pathological feel viewers get from the poster. The poster uses a simple, clean, and pure white backdrop behind the main subject hand. The white background really makes the main focal point of the poster pop out amongst everything else. It keeps the poster easy to read, and easy for the viewer to follow along while looking at the poster and essentially trying to decipher the mystery within the poster

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