Rhetorical Techniques Of Mark Antony's Speech In Julius Caesar

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Mark Antony is allowed to speak at Caesar’s funeral by Brutus and Cassius in the play Julius Caesar. He addresses the people of Rome as his Friend, Romans, countrymen. While using rhetorical strategies such as logos, pathos, and ethos. Along with Antony’s speech Martin Luther King Jr. , in his speech I have a dream, is addressing the people before him for the civil rights movement at the Lincoln Memorial. He also uses the same rhetorical strategies as Antony, logos, pathos, and ethos. Martin Luther King Jr. uses Logos throughout his whole speech, “I Have a Dream”. To portray to the audience that they have not been granted equal opportunities, equal rights, and the respect and nice things that white people get. Though, they were “promised”…show more content…
And so we have come to cash this check” His analogy is using logos as a form of reasoning. His reason is that everyone understands money and that the listener is able to relate to being handed a bad check. When the white people are being handed good checks or privileges. On the other hand, the African Americans are the ones being handed the “bad checks” or not being handed the same privileges as white people. Privileges such as the same laws and rules in certain places as white people. Martin Luther King Jr. uses Ethos in the beginning of his famous, “ I Have a Dream” speech, to attain the audience to feel as they are fighting with many other famous Americans, such as the Founding Fathers and Abe Lincoln. Since, many Americans trust those famous men, they trust Martin Luther King Jr., and they respect him. Also, in the beginning of his speech, the second paragraph. “Five score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, signed the Emancipation Proclamation.” This shows that a president, that every American knows, also fought for equality and for everyone to have the same opportunities and the same quality of life. Abe Lincoln is a president that many people look up to as a role model and a leader, and by using him, the audience or people feel like they are fighting for the same
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