Rhetorical Techniques Used In Advertising

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Advertising is an attempt to persuade an audience. Companies who create these advertisements want people to buy their products, to enlist their services, or to support an organization or cause. The way they deliver these messages should match the habits of the targeted audience. This image is an advertisement for the new Chrysler 300. It is from Ebony magazine. In the advertisement, there are many catchy phrases and pictures which make the car look very desirable. The ad shows a very well-dressed man getting into the vehicle with details on his luxurious way of dress. Its main focus is to lure in the upper middle class and upper class. This is shown throughout the ad with the use of words such as “luxury” and images of expensive jewelry. These kinds of advertisements are put inside magazines to catch the eyes of readers and urge them to buy the product. This advertisement particularly includes pathos, use of color, and use of text to persuade potential car buyers into buying the Chrysler 300. Because of the effective rhetorical elements used by Chrysler, they increase the chances of someone buying their product. Often the car a person drives says a lot about them. This ad capitalizes on this way of thinking by using pathos to exploit our values in order to persuade the audience to buy the new Chrysler 300. The man in the ad is…show more content…
The ad shows a man in a black fur coat, entering into his black Chrysler 300, with a black leather interior. This is effective because the use of black as the primary color choice for the car and his attire emanates the professional look so many people desire. Black, a color commonly associated with sophistication, power, and class, was chosen deliberately so the audience can implement the characteristics of the color towards the Chrysler 300. Through the use of color choice the advertisers are able to attract more people towards buying the Chrysler

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