Rhetorical Techniques Used In Alfred M. Green's Speech

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The speech given by Alfred M. Green in Philadelphia in April 1861 contains a dynamic and potent message calling African Americans to enlist in the Union Army. Green uses emotional diction, appeals to patriotism, and the authority of religion to persuade African Americans to join his cause. His effective use of pathos and ethos also contribute to his argument. Throughout the speech, Green uses emotional diction to express the need for African Americans to enlist and help fight the Civil War. His use of emotional adjectives and strong words empowers and motivates his audience to remember their trials and hardships so that they may take strength in them, enough to unify the country. For instance, his use of the words and phrases “injuries,” “unfair,” “dangers and difficulties,” and “days…show more content…
In addition to this, he mentions “equality,” associating it as a basic tenet of Christianity and simultaneously marrying religious principles to the necessity of war. Immediately after alluding to the righteousness of God, Green condemns the ideals of the Confederacy and thus likening them to the opposite of God; the Devil. By doing this, Green is able to convince African Americans that the right thing to do, not only for their country, but for their race and their religion is to enlist into the Union forces and fight against the Confederacy. In conclusion, Alfred Green’s speech calling African Americans to arms to help fight the Civil War effectively uses emotionally charged vocabulary, appeals to patriotism, and the authority of religion and
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