Rhetorical Techniques Used In Julius Caesar

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The words that decided Rome Have you ever killed your best friend because you thought they were too ambitious? The tragedy of Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare takes place before the fall of Rome and tells a story about a group of noble senators that despise a monarchy. During this time a honorable senator named Cassius convinces his friend Brutus to form a conspiracy group to rebel Julius Caesar's absolute monarchy. Soon after they form a conspiracy group and assassinate Caesar they are confronted by the Roman people. Brutus’ and Antony’s speeches to the Roman people and how it influenced the rest of the play and characters. This will explain whether they used rhetorical devices and because how they used them lead to how the play ended. Brutus used logos and pathos to show the people of Rome that Caesar was an ambitious ruler. For example, Brutus asks the crowd, “Had you rather Caesar were living and die all slaves, than that Caesar…show more content…
Antony can be seen using ethos in this quote: “for Brutus is an honorable man so are they all, all honourable men come I to speak”(III.ii.83-85). This quote shows how Antony utilizes ethos to persuade the people that he is a honorable man because he gives respect and honor to Brutus even though he is not on his side. Furthermore, this also supports Antony because he is saying the people who listen to him have respect for Brutus and will show respect for Antony. Another example, in Antony's speech using the rhetorical device logos is when he says, “I thrice presented him a kingly crown, which he did thrice refuse: was this ambition?(III.ii.97-98). This quote clearly uses logos because the people listening have to use their reasoning and judgement. This quote also uses reason to support that Brutus’ claims could be false. Both of these speeches use different rhetorical devices which persuade the Roman people to their speakers
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