Rhetorical Tool Analysis

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From each of the three readings, the authors of those readings had a purpose to what they want to discuss. Author Keith Grant-Davie who wrote, “Rhetorical Situations and Their Constituents”, clarifies the meaning, purpose, and importance of a rhetorical situation. John Dawkins wrote, “Teaching Punctuation as a Rhetorical Tool” explains the concept of grammar and punctuation being used as a rhetorical tool. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote “Letter from Birmingham Jail” to show the audience his different rhetorical appeals being expressed in his letter. Each author presented a point that the students need to know to help them in writing; however the use of punctuation as a rhetorical tool is uneasy to understand, therefore to present knowledge and…show more content…
Being confused was not a solution towards fully understanding the things he is portraying. Going in depth to the reading is what I did to fully understand the teachings of using punctuation as a rhetorical tool. After finishing the reading, it turns out that his purpose was to explain the many ways of using different marks of punctuation to provide meaning and emphasis to a text. In the beginning of the reading, Dawkins asserts that some authors follow a handbook to know the use of punctuation but for him the use of the handbook did not do its job of teaching writers what punctuation really is besides putting it in terms of grammar. Punctuation will give the sentence or text clarity because the student goes more in depth to what the sentence of text is trying to say depending on where it is being…show more content…
had both techniques used in his “Letter from Birmingham Jail” to express rhetorical appeal. Both techniques who were introduced by Grant-Davie and Dawkins explained the proper and right use of them. Rhetorical situation has pieces that connect to it such as the audience and the text. As for punctuation used as a rhetorical tool it offers many ways to use punctuation towards different writing sentences such independent and dependent clauses. Not to mention that others marks such as colon and commas are used to work with punctuation to emphasize meaning, purpose, and importance. Going more in depth with our thoughts will require the use of these techniques but be aware that using them require full understanding and knowledge towards them to not cause a mistake or confusion towards the audience, writer, and yourself when explaining or claiming
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